4 Proven Facts About Aging (And How AMRITA Can Help You)

4 Proven Facts About Aging (And How AMRITA Can Help You)

AMRITA products contain antioxidants that help reduce and prevent cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

Aging and getting older are two different things. Getting older means maturing within the progression of time, while aging is the process of tissues breaking down in the body.

Wrinkles, weight gain, and sagging skin are some of the displeasing signs of aging. Getting older is not the main cause. Active oxygen (free radicals) and organic acids damage body tissues, which results in the aging process.

4 Facts About Aging That You Should Know:

  • Aging and related diseases are caused by organic acids that break down tissues in your body.
  • Acetic acid, carbonic acid, fatty acids, lactic acid and uric acid, are some of the common waste products our body creates.
  • Molecules in our body’s cells become damaged by active oxygen (free radicals). Such damage is called oxidative damage.
  • Free radicals are thought to be responsible for diseases such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

  • Consuming alkaline water is one way to neutralize these acids and immobilize free radicals in your body.

    Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and free radicals belong to the oxidant group. They consist of atoms, molecules or ions that are missing some electrons. This causes chemical instability. Chatelier’s Principle, or The Equilibrium Law of Chemistry, says that any substance is going to seek equilibrium – a state in which opposing forces (in this case positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons) are balanced. Oxidants have too many protons and too few electrons to be stable, so an imbalance occurs. Stability can only be reached by taking electrons from other matter.  In our body, this other matter is body tissues and DNA.

    Antioxidants have the exact opposite – they have too many electrons. Stability can only be reached by giving away some of the electrons. A reaction in our body called The Redox Reaction happens when antioxidants lose their electrons to oxidants. This reaction measures how many electrons are transferred from antioxidants to oxidants. After this reaction, the damaging oxidation potential of oxidants is reduced or eliminated. Therefore, the amount of excess electrons the antioxidant gives to the oxidant shows its ability to reduce oxidation.

    After the use of alkaline water, the stomach produces bicarbonates, which neutralize acids and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Sang Whang, the author of Aging and Reverse Aging, writes “As we start to lose bicarbonates in our blood, around age 45, we begin to age physiologically,” … “All we have to do to stop aging and maintain good health is to recharge bicarbonates to the blood.”

    Everyone should pay attention to their water consumption. Nevertheless, tap water, filtered water, distilled water and even purified water will never benefit you like alkaline mineral water.

    If healthy aging is your concern and you are trying to lose weight by eating nutritious alkaline foods, alkaline water added to your lifestyle will help you reverse the aging process, age beautifully and healthfully.

    When Thinking About How To Slow Down The Aging Process, Alkaline Water Helps Because…

    - Alkaline water neutralizes stored acids and toxins; the body can remove neutralized toxins.

    - Alkaline water provides protection and hydration of the cells and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects.

    - Alkaline water will balance the PH levels in our body.

    - Alkaline water will provide oxygen to our body, making it fitter, supporting cells for optimal nutrient assimilation.

    - Alkaline water helps prevent skin blemishes and irritation, thus achieving visibly better skin.

    - Alkaline water improves cellular growth and turnover.

    - Alkaline water, combined with alkaline food, will provide your body with antioxidants for nutrient supplies needed to repair damaged cells.

    - Alkaline water nourishes and detoxifies our body, therefore preventing cell aging.

    - Alkaline water helps with energy production and the reduction of lactic acid build-up if muscles are sore, overworked or tired.

    - Alkaline water and the extra oxygen, as well as the electrons, help to wipe out free radicals that may cause cell damage.

    - Alkaline water lets our body create its own mineral buffers so that it can neutralize disease-promoting acid waste.

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