Water AMRITA increases one's ability to delay aging, increases energy levels and also helps the body resist diseases.

The pH level of 9.6 increases the ability of the cells of the human body to absorb oxygen more than 200 times!

Water AMRITA is enriched with the highest quality minerals and trace elements - zinc, selenium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and ascorbic acid.  

  • A powerful antioxidant

    Alkaline water (pH above 7.5) is known to act as an antioxidant, an excellent way to prevent free radical damage.

  • Body detox

    Daily use of alkaline water cleanses the body, ridding it of toxins, unnatural foods, and waste left behind by prescription medications.

  • Effectively balanced pH level

    Acid-base balance is another foundation of health and wellness. Drinking alkaline water can contribute to the neutralization of acid waste and a proper pH balance in the body. 

  • A natural source of energy

    When your body's pH is balanced, your metabolic functions will be optimized, which helps your body produce more energy.

  • Accelerated metabolism

    Magnesium improves metabolic processes and helps the cardiovascular system.

  • Reduced heartburn

    Alkaline water with a pH of at least ~8.8 neutralizes the enzyme associated with heartburn.

  • Strengthened bones and muscles

    Calcium participates in bone strengthening. Magnesium maintains muscle health.

  • More efficient and better hydration

    Alkaline water is a great way to hydrate your body effectively. Thanks to its natural mineral composition, it replenishes all your cells with the necessary electrolytes and minerals.

  • Strengthened immune system

    If you want to maintain a good immune system, balancing acidity with alkaline water is a smart choice. Also, vitamin C is an important component in strengthening the immune system.

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