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We support projects, activities, competitions and events that promote an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as promote the expression and further development of various talents.

If you would like us to consider supporting your project as well, please email us at

Water "Amrita" supports and is proud of its ambassadors in sports: Olympian Kristaps Neretnieks and national champions Helvija Babri and youth ambassador - Katie Racina, and we are also honored with two wonderful Amrita beauty and health ambassadors: Jolanta Gulbi - Paškeviča and Alisa Kolosova. 

You can read more about Amrita Heralds in the Heralds section!


The charity campaign "Tables for our own" organized by "Hospiss LV"

Amrita Ūdens participates in the charity campaign "Galds savėjeims" organized by the public benefit organization "Hospiss LV" to support Latvian doctors who risk their health and lives to fight the covid_19 virus. 

The organizers of the promotion ensure that the doctors have warm and tasty lunches and dinners prepared from the heart every day - free of charge and with delivery to the workplace! In this campaign, Amrita Water is donated to doctors as a healthy supplement to their daily meals.

 It is possible to donate to the medical supply with meals: 1) ️; 2); 3) ️By calling 90067001 (call fee €1.42); 4) ️Hospiss LV account LV45HABA0551047755702 (Purpose - "Table for your own" campaign)

P.S. Donations are used to cover the costs directly related to cooking, not water, which we provide for free. 

   hospiss labdarības akcija amrita ūdens hopsiss labdarības akcija amrita ūdens

Run of Courage 2019



"Horse trail 2019" competition

We supported the participants of "Horse trail" by providing Amrita Water during the competition, and we also prepared healthy and useful gifts for the competition winners, which were presented by the young rider Katie Racina @latvianyoungrider and Soli on behalf of Amrita.

Horse trail is a relatively new equestrian sport discipline, which is supplemented every year, offering new challenges to the participants of the competition. It is an exciting adventure in nature, because the Horse trail competition consists of two parts: a practical management route and a cross-country route. 



American Latvian Ligo Festival in Washington, DC, USA 2019



3×3 family and sports camp in Garezera, USA 2019



Disc golf 2019



“Future Jumping Cup 2019” 

In 2019, Amrita supported the jumping competition "Future Jumping Cup 2019" organized by the Latvian Equestrian Center "Lielceri".


Beauty Expert Award 2019


Dance, fitness and self-development camp 2019


Dance Fit Escapes is a lifestyle that the Amrita team supports and wants to inspire people to develop themselves and their bodies!


Art Event Beverly Hills 2019

We are proud to support art events outside Latvia as well. This time we are refreshing the Alastair Bayardo exhibition in sunny California.

Beach volleyball 2018-2019


Event - "Smart Workplace" 2019

We are happy to support events with great added value! 

Photo exhibition of the group "Viss Labi" 2019

Its authors are students of the Latvian College of Culture - Hella Madara Šabaka, Niks Sudrabs and Rinalds Ekmanis. Congratulations on the beautiful end result!