We have the best brand ambassadors who choose Amrita as their daily water.

Ambassadors of AMRITA WATER in sports

Kristaps Neretnieks - The best showjumping rider in Latvia and the Baltics.

Kristaps Neretnieks is a leading Latvian and Baltic showjumping rider. In his career, he has broken Latvian showjumping records several times and is the first athlete from independent Latvia to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Kristaps Neretnieks has been among the 100 best showjumping riders in the WORLD for several years in the prestigious Longines ranking table. Together with the Olympic horse Moon Ray, they won many brilliant victories in high-level tournaments and made the name and anthem of Latvia sound loud and great. More story in LTV Sporta Studio story:

Kristaps: "I definitely agree that an active lifestyle and a healthy diet are the basis for a strong immunity that would be able to defeat basically any virus and we should not be afraid of it. I start each day with a liter bottle of Amrita water and feel great. I take it with me wherever I go to compete - in Europe, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, I always have Amrita supplies with me. It's really tasty and easy to drink! Two, three liters a day - elementary! My body likes it. You don't have to be thirsty to want to drink it anytime".


Helvijs Babris - 2020 Latvian Champion in BMX cycling and 2019 European Vice-Champion in Bobsleigh in the U23 group

Helvi Babris is one of the potential candidates to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. If he succeeds, Helvey will be the second Olympian among Amrita's ambassadors. Fingers crossed!

Helvi: "As an athlete, water is an integral part of training for me. Whenever I go to training, I always remember to take water with me. Water is what athletes cannot do without. Practically, water is part of the workout. If the athlete does not drink enough water, the body becomes dehydrated and is unable to function at full capacity. I am very happy to put Amrita water in my bag when I go to training, because I know that its properties help me achieve my training goals!”

Helvia's highest achievements
1st place in the Latvian BMX Championship. 
1st place in the Latvian PumpTrack Championship. 
14th place in the 3rd stage of the BMX World Cup, Australia. 

2nd place in the U23 European Bobsled Championship.
2nd place in the Latvian BMX Championship. 
9th place in the BMX Supercross World Cup, USA. 
13th place in the European BMX Championship. 
7th place in the European BMX Cup, stage 10, Belgium. 

4th place at the PumpTrack World Championship, USA. 

The video with Helvi's participation in various competitions and trainings in the 2019-2020 season can be found here:



Katie Racina - our motivation and inspiration for young people! Katie is a good example of how you can achieve your goals with willpower, self-discipline, hard work and a good heart!

Katie's achievements in sports:

3rd place among juniors and young riders at the Latvian National Championship in show jumping in 2016;

1st place in the junior competition at the Lithuanian open (international) show jumping championship in 2017;

2nd place in the competition of junior and young riders at the Latvian National Show Jumping Championship in 2017;

2nd place in the annual ranking among Latvian juniors and young riders in 2017;

1st place in the competition of young riders "Baltic Jumping League" in 2018.

  1. participation in the first international competition CSI2* 130/135 cm routes "Horsemarket Equestrian Spring Tour 2019” un “CSI2*-W Riga”



AMRITA WATER Heralds of abundance and health

Alise Kolosova – Yoga teacher, professional dancer and one of the best organizers of weddings and other events in Latvia and elsewhere in the world, including Bali. It was in Bali that Alice studied yoga in depth with teachers from Venezuela, Mexico and India. Today, yoga is an integral part of Alice's daily life and her second profession. 

Alice says this about Amrita: “It is an honor and a happy moment for me to join the Amrita family and represent the Amrita Water brand. I have been choosing this water for the past several years, paying more and more attention to the enormous importance of water in sustaining life in our bodies. I am grateful for the opportunity to choose the quality of water provided by the Amrita Water brand.”


Jolanta Gulbe - Paškeviča – a beautiful and inspiring woman, a mature personality, a well-known singer in Latvia and the Baltics with a unique voice and a vocal teacher with a special talent to inspire and open people's voices. One of the first performers of Brazilian bossanova and Portuguese fado in the Baltics.

Jolanta: "I am also very happy to join the Water "Amrita" family! Water is my companion both in everyday work and on trips, and I thought I could drink quality water #amritawater"


Sandra SondorCo-founder of the water brand 'Amrita', which turns 50 in 2021. Sandra herself is a great proof that reaching maturity and aging the body are two different things. A lawyer by education with a Master's degree in law and 12 years of experience working as an adviser to two Latvian Presidents, Sandra has also obtained a yoga teacher's certificate and is an enthusiastic amateur equestrian in show jumping. Sandra loves horses, is a vegetarian and an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle. She considers teaching yoga and the Water "Amrita" project as her mission to help people be healthy and happy.