The pH level of water depends on its concentration of carbonates and bicarbonates. AMRITA water contains such a high concentration of the above substances that it has a pH level of ~9.6. If the pH level of AMRITA carbonated water is tested on water that already contains carbon dioxide (CO2), this has caused the overall pH level in the bottle to drop to ~6.8. This creates a false impression that the pH level of AMRITA water is lower than ~9.6, thus not corresponding to the indication on the label.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) addition does not reduce carbonate or bicarbonate levels in AMRITA water. When the consumer opens the bottle, carbon dioxide (CO2) begins to flow out of the bottle under the influence of partial pressure. When water with carbon dioxide enters the human body, carbon dioxide (CO2) is output. When drinking AMRITA carbonated alkaline water, the body receives water with an initial concentration of carbonates and hydrogen carbonates, the pH level of which is ~9.6. Thus, the internal reactions of the human body tend towards alkalinity.

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