Did you know that as long as you have strong immunity, you are protected from contracting infectious diseases, including C-19. Even if the body comes into contact with this or other viruses or harmful bacteria, the healing process is easier and faster if we start treatment in time and help our body strengthen immunity! Several available C19 prevention and treatment protocols, in addition to medication, recommend taking enough fluids, as well as Zinc, Selenium and Vitamins C and D and D3!
It is these microelements and vitamins that are recommended to be used to prevent or prevent illness, regardless of vaccination status!
Three of the mentioned - Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C are part of Water Amrit!
Several international C19 treatment protocols based on the research, experience and recommendations of scientists and doctors will be summarized here:
C19Protocols – Reducing Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Severity (

Be sure to consult your treating doctor about treatment in each specific case!

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