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increases a person's ability to delay aging, increases energy levels, and also helps the body resist diseases.

AMRITA increases the ability of the cells of the human body to absorb oxygen more than 200 times, and this water is enriched with the highest quality immunity-strengthening important minerals and trace elements - #zinc #selēns #magnesium #sodium #calcium #potassium and #vitaminC!

All substances are in perfect proportion, nothing is neither too much nor too little. Amrita has a high #pH of 9+ which helps maintain an alkaline environment in the body. It is crucial for our protection against pathogenic microorganisms, harmful bacteria and viruses that thrive in an acidic environment!

A team of Latvian scientists under the leadership of professor Dmitrijs Babarikinas took several years to develop the formula for the perfect water, both in terms of composition and taste - Youth Water "Amrita" produced in Latvia!

The goal of the scientists of the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technologies of Latvia was to create ideal, perfect water, which is balanced both in its composition - in the proportions of microelements and minerals, and is alkaline and clean, that is, without any impurities of harmful substances. Ideal water is one that does not contain anything that can negatively affect your body, its mineralization should be perfectly balanced so that the water is maximally beneficial for people.

Latvian scientists analyzed water from various regions of Northern Europe and concluded that the water reserves at a depth of 153 meters in the dolomite layer of the left bank of the Daugava are among the best.

This water has a natural pH (hydrogen ion concentration) of 8.0 and is free of harmful impurities. This water is passed through a silver filter, because silver kills more than 600 types of pathogenic microorganisms!